Restore Balance in Your Relationship

Couple/Relationship Counselling in Taunton & Online

Restore Balance in Your Relationship

Couple/Relationship Counselling in Taunton & Online

Who is couple/relationship counselling for?

I work with couples of all ages and from a wide range of backgrounds. Counselling clients have in common the desire to change for the better the way they relate or how they feel about their relationship. Some clients explore counselling because they are going through a time of crisis. Others just want to make small changes or to understand why they are not as happy and fulfilled as they might be. Some couples have a few counselling sessions as part of preparing for marriage, children or other life-changing events. I work with some clients who have been in a relationship for quite a short time and others who have lived together for many years. 

When a relationship encounters problems, talking at home isn’t always enough to bring about real change. Relationship\psychosexual counselling offers a supportive environment, in which to work through your difficulties and find enduring solutions. If you want to stay together, counselling helps you build a happier, stronger relationship. If you plan to part, it helps you do so with understanding.
Some of the issues couples may be facing





‘We don’t seem to want the same things anymore’

‘Our relationship has changed and we feel stuck’

Blended families

Fertility Counseling {IVF etc.}

Ending Relationships

Coping with Children

Differences over Money

Loss of Desire/Sexual Problems

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WHat can i expect?

What kind of Counselling is this?

I trained as a psychodynamic couple counsellor, but am familiar with a wide range of models and to some extent adapt my approach to suit clients' needs. 
Generally, I don't come up with advice or solutions but encourage clients to work out what is right for their relationship. I ask about families, childhood and previous experience because I believe that how we relate in the present is influenced by what happened in the past. I also believe that problems in a relationship can stem from deep-rooted feelings which we may need to try to understand.

What happens in the first session?

The first session is a one-off consultation. I ask a few questions about clients' background together and invite them to talk to me (and each other) about the reason they have come for counselling. At the end of this session, there will be an opportunity for us to think about the way forward and to plan a commitment to regular sessions.
I encourage clients to commit at first to a weekly session at a convenient time. Each session is for 50 minutes. We have an open ended arrangement and counselling can last for as long as is needed. The work we do is individual to your relationship.

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restore the balance in your life

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